HACCP International Property Services Pty Ltd // Food Industry

How can an external organization possibly provide a sanitation service that wont jeopardize our HACCP QA?

HACCP International Property Services Pty Ltd guarantee strict HACCP conformity in everything it does.

Whether poultry, seafood, baking, beverage, meat or any kind of Food Processing, HACCP International Property Services Pty Ltd guarantee to bridge the gap between budget and pathogen control.

To find out more about what HACCP International Property Services Pty Ltd can offer, please contact us. The head of our
HACCP Team will provide you with a fully endorsed serviced HACCP plan of action to help you.

meals on wheels Proudly servicing 12 Meals On Wheels sites across South Australia. Supporting all mandatory food safety audits across all kitchens.
HACCP International Property Services ensure that cleaning procedures are properly designed and carried out to achieve the outcomes required. This includes clean premises and work surfaces, clean equipment and no undesirable residues. HACCP is extremely aware of the importance of this to Mrs MACS Pty. Ltd. as well as the impact poor cleaning practices can have on your company and the wider community.
food industry image After years of research into Safe Food Handling HACCP certified principles, as well as participating into developing of specific cleaning systems for a wide variety of clients, HACCP International has developed an effective cleaning program that ensures clients in the food processing, manufacturing, and preparation industries receive a cleaning system that delivers a program guaranteed to accomplished what it sets out to achieve.